The Wind that ruffled the Field
an autobiography

A story Hollywood didn't want you to know

1979, Hollywood California. It's not only shocking but revealing a true story. Convinced that she is in fact a "woman trapped in a man's body", she realizes that she needs to distance herself from her past life and decides to move out west and settle in California to start a new life.

By chance she meets a wealthy Beverly Hills man who is fascinated and intrigued by her and her story. His kindness and generosity sweeps her off her feet so when he offers her a deal with a generous amount of money it becomes almost too good to be true .

With his interrogation like approach it becomes a daily routine for her to report in detail every ongoing adventure while he is hiding his alternative motive of deceit and betrayal by relaying the details of her life back to his writers and colleagues as they reinvent what is to become the story of "Pretty Woman".

The movie makers looked on in silence snatching up my smiles, capturing my innocence that played out like a fairy tale. This is my story of strength, persistence and survival in "The Wind that Ruffled the Field".

book cover

Jer'Ell in stairs

About the Author

I write of life and experiences that life has given me and the confusion that can be seen early on in my childhood play and behavior as I struggled with a body that did not match my mind. How desperately I needed answers. I hope to show you that this condition of gender dysphoria is a disorder you are born with and not a choice you make.

I remain a private person with a small group of friends, who enjoy the arts, small dinner parties, and summer gardening. I can say I am happy, and I have found peace within. And so I now write to share my story with you.

You may ask, "Why now after all these years"?

"The human need that we all share. We all want to be "validated, everybody wants to be heard"

Oprah Winfrey, May 25, 2011

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