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With this landmark auto biography comes a story that Hollywood did not want you to know. A powerful look inside Jer'Ell's gender identity conflict, betrayed by those she trusted the most. A story of strength, persistence, and survival while riding on The Wind that Ruffled the Field. The discovery of her past will shed light on who she will become in the future.

Misunderstood most of her life, Jer'Ell will personally take you through her identity crisis as she lived it; each heart wrenching moment comes to life in this stunning autobiography. The confusion as to who she was had plagued her since her early childhood as she struggled with a body that did not match her mind. This book will show you how difficult life can become in the desperate search for the answers.

Jer'Ell lived in foster care for the first year of her life. When she was finally adopted, she moved in with a middle class family in a small town in Michigan. Her creative abilities were seen at a young age, and she showed a passion for art. This passion led her into a career in advertising for a significant part of her life.

Success followed her as she became a photo stylist, product designer, and interior decorator. In the middle of her life she began to experience difficult struggles as she started the search for her true identity. It is this struggle for self-identity and the discovery that who she would become in The Wind That Ruffled the Field.

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