In a world full of rules and riddled with labels that don't apply to those of us who are different and don't fit in, we carry judgments that are endless while looking for the unanswered reasons as life prepares us for what lies ahead. When life can be determined by the choices we make, the opportunities we are given, and the dreams we dare to dream.

A child unwanted, abused, and facing against all the odds. But driven to be who you are, the mysteries of life begin to unfold. Out of control, determined to follow the road that lies ahead, the adventures become unknowingly endless, and your only protection is in the sweetness of innocence.

With destiny calling, "This is your lot in life,"

"Lolinia cries out"

confirming and reassuring that somehow you know it will all be all right.

There were times when I felt like the devil was nipping at my heels, pulling back on my coattails into a life of darkness and despair. And the deep blue sea could be the only way out. But my answer was always the same. And miss all of this?

Not a chance!

Not a chance!

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